Travelling in London during COVID

In the main employers should seek where possible for their staff to work from home.  For those who need to travel into work, if they are able to use their own transport, cycle or walk into the place of work, then they should first use one of these options.

In London, if employees have to travel using public transport, employers should seek to tell them about steps Transport for London (TfL) are taking to keep them COVID safe and account for these in their risk assessments and controls.

Steps TfL are taking to keep passengers COVID safe include:

  1. Cleaning Regime:

They are using hospital-grade anti-viral cleaning products in all public areas across the network as part of their enhanced cleaning regime.  Key interchanges are also being cleaned daily.

According to TfL’s regular travel advice, the cleaning regime is across their entire fleet of tubes, trains, trams and buses to ensure surfaces, such as poles, handles and doors that are regularly touched, are clean. 

  • Face coverings:

All users of public transport in London are expected to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, unless they are exempt.

  • Social Distancing:

TfL have put new signs and information into place to help their service users maintain social distancing.  This means those using their services may have to queue to enter stations or buses, particularly during week days.

  • Hand sanitisers:

They have suggested that service users of their network should wash their hands before and after travelling.  Although they have provided hand sanitiser points at some of their stations, TfL service networks users are still advised to carry hand sanitisers at all times.

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