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Quality Management Audits

Quality Management involves ensuring that the outputs, benefits and processes by which you deliver your products and services meets your stakeholder expectations and are fit for purpose..

Clear Vision Safety will help you focus on the 4 quality management elements:

We will help you determine and define what standards, quality and occupational health and safety  are acceptable and how they should be met.  This will include your organisational or customer standards, industry and legislative standards.  We will also help you plan the metrics with which you can measure the standards.

We will focus on an ongoing basis on your occupational health and safety deliverables.  We will undertake inspections, reviews and audits helping to verify your compliance to expected standards.

 Through independent verification, we will provide internal auditor service and help provide assurance that expected standards are being met.

We will provide you with ongoing support to ensure that your organisation learn lessons from quality control and assurance elements in order to improve on existing methods and processes, improving on efficiencies and effectiveness.

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