Clear vision training

Clear Vision Safety will work with your company to develop Health and Safety training specific to your needs. We will be able to select recognised health and safety training of known health and safety professional bodies and deliver these to meet your organisations requirements.

Bespoke training for your organisation

We can help deliver training to ensure that your managers and staff understand their legislation responsibilities on topics such as risk assessments, provision of information, instruction and training, accident and incident reporting, manual handling, work at height, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) etc.

Training to fit

Working with Health and safety management systems partners or utilising your in-house system, we will conduct ongoing reviews of your organisations training and incident performace and make adjustments on an ongoing basis, ensuring also that we create and deliver trainig to meet your organisation immediate needs.

collaborative user experience

So that your health and safety performance can meet your policies, commitments and expectations, we will work with you to identify which key elements of your organisation performance requires focus first and develop training to fit.


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